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(bug?) "test run" wants to write to nonexistent drive (Windows)

edited June 2014 in OpenSesame


I installed OS 2.8.1 on a clean Win7 machine. I then verified that it worked using a couple of implemented experiments on (the root folder of) a USB stick, which is where the logs were also written.

Later, when developing a new study on the C: drive (i.e., without a USB stick inserted), "test run" failed because it wanted to write to "E:\quickrun.csv" (i.e., a USB stick, in the last folder logged to). Somehow the USB "E:\" folder had stuck around as a default.

The workaround is simple: Run "for real" and choose an available location on C: to save the .csv to; after that, test runs presumably default to the most recently selected folder. But this is unexpected behaviour, and had one of my students completely flummoxed. Perhaps "test run" should always write to (whatever the Windows equivalent of) /tmp (is)?


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    Hi Martin,

    Thanks, that's a good point. Assuming that people rarely care about the data that is generated in quickrun mode, falling back to a temporary folder seems like a sensible idea to me.


    There's much bigger issues in the world, I know. But I first have to take care of the world I know.

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