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[open] Import SMI IDF in PyGaze Analyse?

edited October 2014 in PyGaze

I have SMI data that has been converted from IDF to ASCII. Has anyone analyzed this sort of data with PyGaze Analyse, and if so, could you share some tips on doing the conversion (or share the code, if you have it?)


Kyle Jasmin


  • edited October 2014

    Hi Kyle,

    There currently isn't an option to load SMI data. But if you send me an example data file, I could write a module that does this. Alternatively, you could write one yourself. Please model it after the EyeTribe reader, as it should output the same data organisation for it to work with the rest of PygazeAnalyser!



    PS: Please note that IDF will not be readable directly, but need to be converted to a text-based file type (you can do this using SMI's IDF converter).

  • would not you mind helping me to find idf converter...I cant find it any where

  • @emad6378: You can load the data in SMI's BeGaze and export it as a .csv file.

  • unfortunately our profossor has lost the Itools cd which includes both begaze and idf converter and we just have access to Iview ETG.As I wanna analyse data with Matlab toolbox I need idfconveerter.can you give me that?

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