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[solved] Does open sesame work for different SOA?

edited November 2014 in OpenSesame

Dear all, I am planning to use open sesame for my experiment but I am not sure if I could use this program to run my experiment?
I have two stimulus in my experiment (picture and word). My stimulus will appear at 0 SOA and +500 SOA. Therefore, does this program could help me with this kind of SOA? Please help me and guide me if I could do so with open sesame? Thank you all.


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    Hi Soksan,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    Yes, Opensesame does allow creating experiments with different SOAs. The are several ways to do it. Usually the easiest is to introduce each SOA as variable in a loop item.

    I suggest you have a look on the step-by-step tutorial ( or some example experiments ( . There it is explained quite nicely, how you can handle this. Let us know, if you have still questions afterwards.

    Good luck,


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    Dear Eduard,

    Thank you very much for kindly reply. Could you tell me if it is possible to record voice with different SOA during the experiment? How could I do that?

    Best regards


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    Hi Soksan,

    As @eduard already said, the first step is to walk through the tutorial and get a a basic understanding of OpenSesame. Of course you can make a simple experiment with an SOA manipulation in OpenSesame. But you is the operative word here! So first take some time to get to know the software and see how far you get. Then, if you get stuck and have specific questions, we will be more than happy to help you!


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