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[open] opensesame gaze contingent

edited November 2014 in OpenSesame

I'm trying to use the opensesame gaze contingent plugin ( with the new 2.9.0 open sesame version, but apparently some of the dependencies are broken.

Did anybody had any luck with it?



  • edited November 2014

    Hi Gideon,

    Which dependencies appear to be broken?

    The plug-in was developed over a year ago, to work with the EyeTracker plug-ins (the predecessors of the PyGaze plug-ins) and OpenSesame 0.26/27. What functionality did you want to use it for?

    Adapting the gaze contingent plug-ins to make 'em work with the PyGaze plug-ins should be very straightforward. I think only the reference to self.experiment.eyetracker should be replaced with self.experiment.pygaze_eyetracker in the source code.


  • edited 1:43PM

    Hi Edwin,

    Actually duplicates an old version of which used to have the add_sketchpad function. Inside this function there is a use with another function - sketchpad.static_items() which is also longer available.
    I'm not quite familiar with the architecture of open sesame so I don't know what has changed and how to fix this problem.

    Thank you,

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