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[open] Please Help

edited November 2014 in OpenSesame

Dear All,

I try to run Open Sesame but the error message alert me like this: Variable 'Stimuli' is not set in item '_sketchpad'.
You are trying to use a variable that does not exist. Make sure that you have spelled and capitalized the variable name correctly. You may wish to use the variable inspector (Control + I) to find the intended variable.

I am kinda getting stuck as I am very new to this software. Please give me some advice of what to do next.

Best regards,


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    Hi Soksan,

    The error message basically says it all: You're referring to a variable called Stimuli, but it doesn't exist. This could be because the variable is created only later on in the experiment (i.e. after the sketchpad is created), or because it is simply called differently.

    Could you please provide some details about your experiment? What are you trying to do? What is the structure of your experiment? A screenshot or script would help.

    Also, could you please give this discussion a more descriptive name?


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