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[open] Question about reaction time

edited November 2014 in OpenSesame

Hello everybody,

I'm actually in an M.A class, and, this year I will run a little experiment. My question is simple: Can OpenSesame calculate the reaction time of the participants after exposing a stimulus. Thanks.

(I apologize if I posted in the wrong section)


  • RamRam
    edited 11:05PM

    No idea?

  • edited 11:05PM

    Hi Ram,

    If you ask, whether Opensesame is able to record the time between stimulus presentation and response, the answer is "Yes!". Moreover, it does this pretty much by default (providing that you included some response collection item) and keeps track of the average reaction times, accuracy and other information about trials. In fact, Opensesame can be used to numerous kinds of experiments and paradigms. If you browse a bit through the documentation page you will find many examples and tutorials that illustrate how you can do specific things. I recommend you start by browsing a bit through those pages to get an idea of how Opensesame works, in particular you should try the step-by-step tutorial, which demonstrates how to construct a simple psychological experiment in a nice pace.

    In case, you need still help to build your experiment, you will have to provide more information of what the idea is and where exactly the problems lie.

    Good luck,


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