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[solved] Keyboard Responses Probelms

edited November 2014 in OpenSesame

I'm so new to OpenSesame. It is a great software. I don;t have python background though but I like the CUI idea to build the experiment. I tried to build my experiment where I need to show a message as visual stimuli to the subject. But before that I have like on black screen that should be set to around 10 seconds as buffer time since I'm trying to detect some physiological data such as GSR before stimuli. I want my subject to use spacebar as keyboard response to finish the experiment once he finished reading the message. The main point is to detect exactly the message exposure time duration and how long he took to read the message to match it to his physiological measurements based on this duration. I followed the tutorial but for some reason the spacebar doesn't work and the mouse too. I'm also confused about Ok_text widget thing. How can I get the keyboard response to work??


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    Hi Anna,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    Do I understand right, one of your trials has only these 2 elements:

    1) Empty (black) screen of 10 seconds
    2) Text presentation?

    And the response time you want to have is the time that participants needed to read the text, that is the time starting at text presentation and ending by the keypress/mouseclick?

    I assume you're using the form_text_displayplugin? As far as I know it is not that easy to record a keyboard response with forms. If you insist on using the spacebaras the key that participant should use, I recommend you use a text_input item in combination with a keyboard_response. If you set the timeout in the text_inputto 0 and allowed keys to space, you should get what you wish.

    Does this help?


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    It works well now. Thank you so much.

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