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[open] display one stimulus several times

edited November 2014 in OpenSesame

Hello everybody,

I'm coming because i need some help.

I have to create an experiment where a stimulus ( a tiny blue circle) has to be displayed 10 randomized times on the screen and the participant has to clic on all the stimuli.

I already know how to randomized the position of the stimulus but i don't know how to display ONE stimulus 10 times on the Same screen and of course in the same time.

Can you help me ? Thanks



  • edited November 2014

    Hi Finiarel,

    I suppose you're using the function? If so you can simply call it as many times as you need it, before you show the canvas to the participant. I recommend looping over each pair of monitor coordinates, which you have randomized earlier, and draw a single circle to the canvas in each iteration. After that you can call and all circles should be visible.

    from openexp.canvas import canvas
    my_canvas = canvas(exp)
    circle_positions = ['some positions']
    for circle_pos in circle_positions:
        my_canvas.draw(x = circle_pos[0], y = circle_pos[1], radius = 'some_radius')

    Note, in case it matters for your experiment, you have to make sure that your circles won't overlap. Otherwise Opensesame will just draw on top of everything that was drawn earlier.

    If you need more advice, you can check out the documentation pages or some of the examples (I'm not sure, but I think the example Pip & Pop is somewhat similar to what you need).

    Good luck,


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