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Bug: Qnotero copies pdf to temporary folder

edited December 2014 in Miscellaneous

By chance I had a look in my temporary folder and saw a lot of pdf's. A quick test proved my suspicion: Qnotero copies the pdf files (even multiple times, inserting -1, -2, ... in the filename)

Can somebody explain this to me? Luckily I just installed Qnotero. I cannot imagine when I used a PDF annotation tool all day long just to discover the next days that all my work went to nirvana (as my operating system cleans the temporary folder on every startup)

As I don't see a necessity to copy the PDF file, and because of the described problem, I see this as a bug


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    Hi Thomas,

    You can drag PDF files from Qnotero to (say) your desktop. When you do this, Qnotero first creates a temporary copy of the PDF file, but these can (and should) be periodically cleaned by your operating system. This doesn't affect your Zotero library.

    Does that answer your question? Unless I misunderstand, this is not a bug, but simply a little quirk of how Qnotero implements drag and drop.


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