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OpenSesame 2.9.4 "Hesitant Heisenberg" released!

edited February 2015 in OpenSesame

Hot on the heels of 2.9.3, here's another maintenance release of OpenSesame: 2.9.4. The reason for this quick release is to address a crucial regression that was introduced in 2.9.3, and that caused OpenSesame to crash when a loop item did not have another item to run. This issue is likely to affect all users of 2.9.3, so this is definitely a recommended update.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and a tip of the hat to @Starr for posting this issue here on the forum.

Release notesGDN


OpenSesame 2.9.4 is the fourth maintenance release in the 2.9 series. If you are upgrading from 2.8.3 or earlier, please also read the 2.9.0 release notes. This release mainly addresses a critical regression that was introduced in 2.9.3.


Bugs fixed

  • Prevent indirect recursion errors in overview area.
  • Don't crash on empty loop items.

Windows packaging

OpenSesame 2.9.4
Python 2.7.8 (default, Jun 30 2014, 16:03:49) [MSC v.1500 32 bit (Intel)]
OpenCV is not available
OpenCV2 2.4.10
QProgedit 2.1.0
Expyriment  (Revision ; Python 2.7.8)
NumPy 1.9.1
PIL is available (version is unknown)
PsychoPy 1.80.05-opensesame-1
PyAudio 0.2.8
PyGame 1.9.1release
PyGaze 0.5.0~opensesame3
Pyglet 1.1.4
PyOpenGL 3.1.0
PyQt 4.11.3
PySerial 2.7
python-bidi 0.3.4
python-markdown 2.5.2
SciPy 0.14.0

There's much bigger issues in the world, I know. But I first have to take care of the world I know.

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