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OpenSesame 2.9.7 "Hesitant Heisenberg" released!

edited August 2015 in OpenSesame

I'm happy to announce the release of OpenSesame 2.9.7 Hesitant Heisenberg, the 7th maintenance release in the 2.9 series. This release contains bugfixes and minor usability improvements, and should be a safe and pleasant upgrade for everyone.

As always, you can download the latest version of OpenSesame from here:

Unless we encounter significant bugs that warrant another maintenance release, 2.9.7 also marks the end of the 2.9 series. OpenSesame 3.0 has been in the works for some time now, and contains lots of major improvements that I'm very excited about. If you're interested, you can already get a prerelease build, or see a(n) (evolving) list of important changes. But be warned: 3.0 is not ready for production!

2.9.7 release notes

OpenSesame 2.9.7 is the seventh maintenance release in the 2.9 series. If you are upgrading from 2.8.3 or earlier, please also read the 2.9.0 release notes.


Thanks to Jarik den Hartog (@JdenHartog) for his code contributions.



  • Add append menu to overview and sequence
  • Add permanently delete menu option to unused items

Bugs fixed

  • Use px (not pt) as units in font GUI
  • Explicitly set window type in psycho backend (#331)
  • Fix recursion errors in drag-and-drop
  • Restore structure when a drag is canceled (#337)
  • Fix inconsistent folding/unfolding behavior in overview area (#336)
  • Fix missing debug output on Android (#346)
  • Allow uppercase text input on Android (#341)
  • Allow external links in notification dialog (#340)
  • Fix drag-and-drop between different instances of OpenSesame (#338)
  • Fix a crash when dropping an item onto an unused item (#343)
  • Fix a crash on Android when there are filenames with special characters in the file pool (#345)

Windows packaging

OpenSesame 2.9.7
Python 2.7.8 (default, Jun 30 2014, 16:03:49) [MSC v.1500 32 bit (Intel)]
OpenCV is not available
OpenCV2 2.4.10
QProgedit 2.1.0
Expyriment  (Revision ; Python 2.7.8)
NumPy 1.9.1
PIL is available (version is unknown)
PsychoPy 1.80.05-opensesame-1
PyAudio 0.2.8
PyGame 1.9.1release
PyGaze 0.5.0~opensesame3
Pyglet 1.1.4
PyOpenGL 3.1.0
PyQt 4.11.3
PySerial 2.7
python-bidi 0.3.4
python-markdown 2.5.2
SciPy 0.14.0

There's much bigger issues in the world, I know. But I first have to take care of the world I know.


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    Thank you so much for the excellent work!

    I am a new user of open sesame. I just wonder whether the winpython based package is also available. The link on the download page seems not working.

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    @zliu I responded to your comment here

    There's much bigger issues in the world, I know. But I first have to take care of the world I know.

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