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[open] Saving output in JASP

edited April 2016 in Miscellaneous

I did a correlation, and a regression. I can't seem to save the output in any useful format. In the output window I click on copy in the drop down, but can't paste to notepad. I did copy to libre office calc (free version of a spreadsheet program), but it didn't copy in a usable format. In the matrix, the square showing the correlations, row by column, each row shows the variable name and then like hundreds of spaces until the correlation value. Then the next line has the variable name and another hundreds of spaces until the correlation value. Isn't there another way to save output?


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    Perhaps I didn't get the question, but why don't you simply paste it to LibreOffice Writer (or OpenOffice, or Word)? That works really well.

    Maybe the reason that pasting to spreadsheets doesn't give the expected result, is that the tables have some "built-in" APA format.



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    Thanks. I did copy it to a web page and it -looks- okay.
    and I now copied it to the writer in libre office, and that too seems to -look- okay. Thanks for the suggestion.

    But what if I want to manipulate the table of results, move columns, rows around, do some calculations on the results? It's easier in a spreadsheet. On closer examination, it looks like the table output from JASP has a bunch of extra columns, within the table, and some of the rows have cells that have lots and lots and lots and lots of extra spaces or tabs.

    I think it would be good if JASP could get the output to be able to easily transfer into a spreadsheet program.

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