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Available experiment using Eyetribe

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Hi everyone,

I've been using OpenSesame for all my experiences during my Ph.D. and I must say I love it! I recently acquired an eyetracker from theeyetribe, thinking I could use it right away and very easily. Unfortunately, I'm starting from scratch and I don't have that much time, so I was wondering if someone could be generous enough to share an experiment (the actual file) just so I can see and feel how to use it, and then tranfer that knowledge to what I have in mind?

I'm sorry to ask, it's just I'm not the best at coding and deciphering how to use these new tools.

Many many many (and many) thanks in advance for those who'd be willing to help a near-graduation student!


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    Hi Cyril,

    The easiest way to get started is using the PyGaze template, which is included by default in OpenSesame. You can just open this template, change the tracker type in pygaze_init to EyeTribe, and off you go.


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    Thank you for your quick reply. I used the template, which was quite useful but I have another issue now.

    Both my experiment and the template crash during the calibration phase, eventhough I picked the right device before hand.

    Edit: This error does not happen everytime! That's troubling me, sometimes the experiment runs properly, sometimes I get this error message. It's really bothering me, I wouldn't want this problem to happen with my participants//

    I post the error I always got below, can anyone help me solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance!


    The experiment did not finish normally for the following reason:

    Unexpected error

    item-stack: experiment[run].new_pygaze_init[run]
    exception message: Expecting object: line 1 column 1460 (char 1459)
    time: Tue Apr 26 13:14:49 2016
    exception type: ValueError
    Traceback (also in debug window)

    File "dist\libqtopensesame\misc\", line 140, in run

    File "dist\libopensesame\", line 397, in run

    File "dist\libopensesame\", line 95, in execute

    File "dist\libopensesame\", line 110, in run

    File "dist\libopensesame\", line 50, in run

    File "dist\libopensesame\", line 110, in run

    File "C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenSesame\plugins\pygaze_init\", line 212, in run

    File "dist\pygaze_eyetracker\", line 208, in calibrate

    File "dist\pygaze_eyetracker\", line 1234, in pointend

    File "dist\pygaze_eyetracker\", line 391, in request

    File "dist\pygaze_eyetracker\", line 435, in get_response

    File "dist\pygaze_eyetracker\", line 545, in parse_json

    File "json__init__.pyc", line 338, in loads

    File "json\decoder.pyc", line 366, in decode

    File "json\decoder.pyc", line 382, in raw_decode

    ValueError: Expecting object: line 1 column 1460 (char 1459)""

  • Hi,

    I have the same issue. Did you ever solve this, @Cyril ?

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