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[open] Tobii Controller

edited June 2016 in PyGaze

Hi. I'm trying to set up Pygaze with Tobii. I understand that I need to download the Tobii Controller from Hiroyuki Sogo's website, and save that under "Python27\Lib\site-packages". However, when searching through Hiroyuki's pages the only link which says 'Tobii controller' is to a .py file, not a zipped folder. Do I just copy the .py file into site-packages, or is there a zipped folder that I've managed to miss?



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    P.S. I do actually have already installed in the Winpython (the portable version of Python on the Pygaze website). So this may be all I need...

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    You don't need to download Sogo's Tobii controller, we merely credit him on the website because our implementation is based on his code. A modified version of his controller is included in PyGaze's source code.

    What you do need, is Tobii's own Python module. See the installation page on the website for more information, and for links to where to download the Tobii SDK (which includes the Python module).



    PS: If you've downloaded the WinPython package, you probably already have the Tobii module installed. So you should be ready to go! :)

    PPS: I'll update the text on the installation page, as it is a bit ambiguous. Thanks for pointing this out!

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    Hi Edwin

    Many thanks for your feedback. I've asked the technicians to install the Tobii SDK (unfortunately the machine where the eye-tracker is installed is under 'IT lockdown')



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    Hi Nick,

    I'm using a Tobii myself with pygaze and opensesame. This is on a Windows7 PC, and I used the 'all in one' Opensesame installer (rather than using python portable, or running from source etc.).

    I had difficulties at first with PIL (python image library) and had to slightly change a couple of lines of - if you run in to these errors, the changes suggested by Sebastiaan toward the end of the posts here did the trick for me:

    Hopefully it will all run smoothly for you though :-)

    Best wishes,


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    Thanks. I've been away and just spotted your helpful comments.

    Hopefully I'll get there...


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