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Timing issues Psychopy when using EyeTribe Eyetracker - Help?

edited June 2016 in PyGaze

I have an experiment in which I update the size of two visual stimuli on each frame. I prepare each frame beforehand and afterwards loop through all of my screen objects, present them to the user. The timing of the visual events is crucial for my experiment. Meanwhile, a continuous sound is playing. When I run this experiment in dummymode, there are no timing issues. However, when I run the experiment while performing the eyetracking, the timing of my visual cue is no longer accurate. When I print out my framerate I sometimes get 5 frames after each other that have updated at a speed of about 26 milliseconds. I would be surprised that the extra thread of the eyetracking provides these timing issues. So I'm wondering whether other people have experienced the same problem and whether they have found a way around it? Maybe I'm not using PyGaze optimally yet and consequently produce this problem myself?
Any suggestions would be great!

(I'm using the EyeTribe SDK 0.9.77 and the latest Psychopy and Pygaze versions on Windows 7)

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