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[solved] Problem with displaying stimuli only sometimes

edited July 2016 in OpenSesame

EDIT: Solved. The problem appeared not to be with OpenSesame but with using OpenSesame while remoting into a different computer.


I am using OpenSesame for a cueing paradigm (the cueing paradigm tutorial was very helpful!), and I am having problems where some trials only show the target, and which trials varies each time I try.

I am using psychopy backend. The sequence of the cueing paradigm is first fixation(sketchpad), then an advanced fixation delay, a cue for 50ms (sketchpad), fixation for 50ms(sketchpad), and a target (sketchpad) for 200ms followed by a keyboard response for 1000ms. The cue is a simple circle, and most of the parameters of the circle are variables specified either through inline script or through a loop. These variables (e.g. color, size) seem to be working elsewhere in a different paradigm within the same experiment. For presentation of left vs. right cues, I have defined which side the circle should be presented on within a loop. The loop moves through trials sequentially. I have tried two methods of presenting the left and right cues when defined - first by drawing both circles on the same cue sketchpad and using the "show_if =" function to ensure each circle is only presented on the appropriate trials. And secondly by making two different sketchpads and editing the "show if" aspect of the sketchpad itself within the sequence.

For both methods, the experiment ran without aborting and without any error messages, but would inconsistently present the cues - a little over half of the trials presented the cues as they should. There was no consistency as to the cue-location, cue color, or even the trial for when the cue might not present. Has anything like this happened to anyone else? And any thoughts on what the problem might be?

Thank you for your time and help!

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