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Using PsychoPy builder together with pygaze

Hi All,

I am new to pygaze.
Until now I used PhsychoPy and I wonder it there is a possibility to use pygaze together with PsychoPy builder.
In the examples the whole code was written in Python. I want to use PsychoPy for all the display and for the control and add only the code for the eye tracker in the "code" section in PsychoPy which will be compiled and then run.

Is it possible?
Does anybody have experience with that ?

Thank you very much,



  • Hi Noa,

    While in theory this is possible, PyGaze is a coding toolbox, so ideally you would use PyGaze to program your experiment, and then plug in PsychoPy elements where needed. Doing things the other way around is technically possible, but requires some deeper understanding of how both toolboxes work on the code level (i.e. not simply inserting a few lines of code here and there).

    Alternatively, you could use the PyGaze plug-ins with OpenSesame, which would match the work pipeline you describe: Use OpenSesame to create your experiment (graphically, without programming), which allows you to drag-'n-drop PyGaze elements into your experiment.


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