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[open] response_time in double quotes

edited November 2012 in OpenSesame

Hi all.

A have a simple (and maybe dumb) question. Why are the response times stored in the .csv file as a string, between double quotes? It would be more convenient, also for the subsequent analyses, if a such variable was stored as numeric.


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    Hi Andrea,

    In principle, the quotes should be automatically stripped by your spreadsheet (or other type of analysis software). The logger uses a CSV format as specified for example here, which specifies that any field can have double quotes around them. The CSV format does not distinguish between numeric and string types, although spreadsheets typically do after importing (but that's an interpretation on the part of the spreadsheet).

    But I assume you're asking because the quotes are not stripped in your case, am I right? Maybe you have to indicate the format explicitly when importing the data? Alternatively, you can of course disable the 'Put quotes around values' option in the logger, but that may cause trouble if you are logging values that themselves contain comma's.


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