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[solved] Numerical variable values

edited November 2012 in OpenSesame

A short question: how do I stop OS from auto-correction my "0010" variable values to "1"? I've tried writing it directly in the script editor, but when I test the experiment, some variables will again have been corrected as above.

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  • Hi Jakúp,

    OpenSesame interprets values in the simplest possible way:

    • Firstly, if the value could be treated as an integer (the most simple type), OpenSesame does so.
    • Secondly, if the value cannot be an integer, but it could be a floating point, it is treated as such.
    • Finally, if the value could neither be an integer nor a floating point, it is treated as a string (the most complex type).

    Because in Python

    print int("0010")


    OpenSesame interprets "0010" as "10".

    What do you need the "0010" values for? Is it possible to, for example, simply rename them to "_0010"? By doing so they will be interpreted as strings rather than integers.

    I hope this helps!

    Best wishes,


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    Hello Lotje.
    Thank you very much for your clarification!
    I needed them for presenting stimuli in the form of 100+ images, with numerical file names, but solved it, as you've suggested by naming the variables for example ".0010."

    Best regards,

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