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[open] Script adjustment

edited November 2012 in OpenSesame

Hi all!

I'm a newbie, to this site, to programming and to OpenSesame (OS). I study Psychology at Utrecht University and follow a course in wich I have to use OS.

I need to make an adjusment in the script so that OS can automatically load a priming picture. But when I want to make an adjustment, I can only type in capital letters. Obviously, I need to type in small letters, so how turn of capitals?

And yes, I already checked Caps Lock.

Thanks in advance!



  • edited 4:20AM

    Hi Wouter!

    Normally, OpenSesame allows you to work with lower case letters as well. It's probably best to either post your code here, or to ask me or one of my colleagues tomorrow (or Tuesday or Wednesday, whenever your practical is).

    I do appreciate your enthusiasm!


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