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Installing 3.1.3 from source: Dependencies and Icons

Hi, embarrassingly the Arch Linux version of OpenSesame is still on 3.07, and I'm trying to build a package for 3.1.3, based on the notes on running from source.

To get OpenSesame to run, I also needed to install QNotifications - this doesn't seem to be listed as a dependency, or a dependency-of-a-dependency. I have also noted somewhere that getting the synthesiser to work required both scipy and numpy.

However, the problem I can't solve is icons. Looking through the theme code it appears that OpenSesame now uses the Moka icon theme. Installing this from upstream doesn't work for me, though (see below). Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try next?

Many thanks


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  • Hi Martin,

    Thanks for pointing out that QNotifications is missing from the dependencies. And indeed, numpy is required by the sampler and synth items, but it's listed as optional because experiments will run without it. (Strictly speaking QNotifications is also optional, because it's used only by the notifications extension, which can be disabled.)

    I attached an archive with the required icon themes, which should be placed as subfolders of opensesame_resources/theme/default/. OpenSesame uses a custom fork of Moka. You can compile it yourself, but I guess it's easier to just use the archive that I attached.

    By the way, I'm not sure if this makes life easier for you, but OpenSesame and all dependencies are now fully installable through PyPi. Perhaps you can convert these into Arch packages? We do that for the Ubuntu PPA and the Anaconda CogSci channel as well.

    Thanks for your great work on the Arch package!


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