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(unexecuted) key lifts affect following responses

Dear Open Sesame team,

i was trying out some stuff my participants could make wrong when i found something really strange.
In a four choice reaction time task, participants have to react to several stimuli in a row. The next stimulus always appears when one of the target keys is pressed.

When i do not lift the first key, but press the next keys...
--> everything ok. Next stimulus presented.
When i do not lift the first key, do not lift the second key...
--> with pressing the third key, the next stimulus is not presented
--> however when i then lift the first or second key, the next stimulus is presented

This is unexplainable for me, as i did not mention lifts in my script.



  • I noticed it is 'g' in combination with 'h'. But i have no clue why.

  • Hi Stephan,

    Some keyboards / computers can only process two keypresses at once - or at least purposefully limit the amount of keypresses coming from the same region, cause it would then be likely that you mispressed one key or the other. See this forum for a similar discussion on this topic: This explanation would make sense considering that it happens with your G and H buttons, which are next to each other.

    It may be a setting somewhere on your computer that you can turn off?



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