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problem with pseudorandomisation (constrain)

When I try to use the constrain function as describes on the webpage ( adding "constrain [variable name] mindist = 3" in the general script, after all the setcycle commands) it deletes the whole block loop! Am I doing something wrong?


  • It seems you've taken the example to literally! The '[variable name]' part should be replaced by the actual name of a variable. For example, like so:

    constraint word mindist=3

    Note also that there are no spaces around the = sign.

    Also, it's easier to edit the script for the item, instead of the General Script for the entire experiment. You can view the item script by selecting 'View script' at the top-right of the tab area.


  • Hi Sebastiaan,
    Thank you for your reply! I had indeed put the actual name of the variable in the script, I just wrote [variable name] for the sake of the question! So in my script, it read: "constrain fce_ID mindist = 4".
    The problem was that I added spaced around the = sign. Editting that solved the problem :)

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