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Feature Request

edited December 2012 in OpenSesame


I have a feature request, which would greatly speed up testing specific parts of experiments:

  • Include 'Always' and 'Never' checkboxes in the Run if dialog in sequences

Thus, you wouldn't have to manually edit all but those you would like to test to "Never", but could simply check the ones you would like.

I'm not sure, if user-submitted feature requests should be posted her, or if you would prefer it on gitub?

Best regards,

Jákup Michaelsen


  • edited 4:15AM

    Hi Jákup,

    That's not a bad idea, thanks! Seeing as you have a GitHub account, yes, please post it as an issue on GitHub, and I will tag it as a feature request.


  • edited 4:15AM

    Will do :)

    All the best,


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