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Second Hand Eye Tribe or other devices for clinical purpose

dear researchers

I am looking for a cheap device plus software for the training and assessment of visual neglect patients.
Is should be able to:

1) give direct visual feedback of the gaze point for means of a very rough fixation control.

2) record the trajection of the gazepoint during a training session (preferably in a hidden way) and later "summarize" and show it in a visualized way which can be communicated and understood by "normal" people and patients. It would be sufficient to have a video stream of the moving gaze point (e.g. a red bubble), perfect would be a heat map or a gaze plot , as provided for example by tobii dynavox gaze viewer

3) precision only needed at "low to average" level and "low to average" sampling rate.
It would be sufficient to estimate the gaze point with a precision range of several centimeters.

4) Should be able to do this on any programm that runs on window

5) no need to extract or analyze raw data or aggregate data over individuals

6) no need for precision on resarch level

I need the device for feedback and monitoring purposes during the training and assessment of visual neglect patients.

I know that tobii dynavox devices like eye mini offer this functionality in one package, but I can not afford it at the moment.
The eyetribe should have worked out fine, but its no longer produced. Does anyone know where to get one second hand?
The tobii eyeX or 4c have the right price tag and should have sufficient precision, I am currently resarching the possibility of implementing recording and visually summarizing the gaze trajectory. Anyone an idea, if its is possible to combine dynavox gaze viewer software with eyeX or 4C?
My programming skills are rather low, but I am able to learn...

Every help is very much appreciated.


  • Hey,
    Have a similar conundrum. Did you ever figure out anything?

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