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[solved] Picture Display

edited February 2013 in OpenSesame


during our tests of an experiment with a picture display we realised that the pictures are frequently displayed with a rim. Initially we thought it may be due to sloppy work on the pictures themselves but when they are displayed on a black background in different viewers the rim disappears. Does anybody have made similar experiences and if so, how can this be solved?
Thanks in advance!


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    H Christiane,

    What back-end are you using? The back-ends that rely on hardware acceleration, notably xpyriment and psycho, sometimes draw things a bit differently from what you might expect. For example, thin lines may look a little fuzzy (or anti-aliased). This is a side-effect of the use of OpenGL to render the display. Could this be it? That fuzzy rendering causes a very thin rim to appear around the images? (I'm not sure, because I have never seen this myself.)

    The simplest way to get around this is probably to make the background of the pictures transparent, rather than of the same colour as the display background. Does that make sense? Most image editors, for example Gimp, will allow you to do this.

    Hope this helps!


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    Hi Sebastiaan,

    we changed the back end from psycho to xperiment and the problem is solved! Thanks a lot!

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