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Problem with picturelist ViewPoint Eyetracker programming

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to program a picturelist in viewpoint and i´m having this issue: the stimulus window show the picturelist, but hides before showing the last picture of the list, i.e, I keep seeing the last image of the picturelist, but in the gazespace, not in the stimulus window.
I copy the commandLineInterface, in case you can reach the problem:

stateSpaceInit; setWindow Stimulus Show; stimulus_LoadImageFile STARTUP.bmp; fkey_cmd 9 {stateJump 1; dataFile_NewUniqueExtension "_pruebacli.txt"; dataFile_NewUnique}; pictureList_Init; pictureList_AddName "-.bmp"; pictureList_AddName "HUD1.bmp"; pictureList_AddName "TRK1.bmp"; pictureList_Randomize; pictureList_EndAction {stateJump 2}; stateMode 1; stateCommand {pictureList_ShowNext}; stateTimeout 3 1; stateMode 2; stateCommand {setWindow Stimulus Hide}; stateEngine On

Thanks and sorry for the terrible english,
Malena Dyzenchauz

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