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[open] Question variable in form_multiple_choice

edited March 2013 in OpenSesame

Hi Sebastiaan,

Currently, the variable that stores questions in a form_multiple_choice item is called 'question', which makes sense, but I think is a bit tricky. Users will most likely create their own variable 'question' when using OpenSesame to run a questionnaire. Wouldn't it be safer to rename our variable to '_question' or 'form_question'?



  • edited 12:46PM

    Hi Edwin,

    Thanks for pointing this out. And yes, I agree, it would have been better to use _question or some other variable name that the user is unlikely to pick for him or herself. But the thing is that by changing the variable name now, we will break many current experiments.

    Perhaps at some point there will have to be a release of OpenSesame that is not fully backwards compatible (which has always been the aim so far, even when some incompatibilities have slipped through), and this type of thing can be re-implemented in a more sensible way.


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    Thanks for the reply! Since the forms have not been released very long, I hope a slightly lacking backwards compatibility will not be as much of a problem. But it may be wise to wait for 0.28 to implement such changes, as it might be difficult to explain why the same script does work on 0.27.1, but not.on 0.27.2 (but I'm sure you're miles ahead when it comes to these things ;) )


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