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Defining response keys

edited March 2013 in OpenSesame

Hi again
You probably missed my last comment on our previews discussion so I am starting a new one.
We are trying to define four optional keys, each key leads to two sketchpads with different probability.

The script that you sent us worked very well. We defined one key that leads to two different sketchpads with different probability. However, we still have a problem in creating four keys that lead to different sketchpads with different probability. For example, the key "s" leads to "sketchpad 1" in 30% of the presses and to "sketchpad 2" in 70%, while key "d" leads to "sketchpad 1" in 60% of the presses and to "sketchpad 2" in 40%.

We would like to know how to define four keys for each probability condition and what do we need to change in the script in accordance to the above.

Thank you for your help Noam


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    Hi Noam,

    I appreciate that you might be under time pressure and need to resolve your issue quickly, but it's not necessary to open multiple topics for the same question. If you're worried that your question has been missed, you could query again in the original topic.


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