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[solved] Just need a little help

edited March 2013 in OpenSesame

Your software is great. I am working through the tutorial and I am understanding the steps. I'm a little confused about the 2x2x2 =8 levels for the the Independent variables. I mean gaze has left and right (2); Target has -300, 300 (2); Target has F and H (2). I know this is a dumb question but how are you getting 8. I really want to understand this so I get the cyles right and the repeat right when I design my experiment. Again I am sorry but it has been years since I have been in grad school. Again thank you for creating this software. Oh yes, If you developers are ever at a conference in the Midwest let me know and I will take out for beers!


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    Hi ajspoerner.

    2x2x2=8 levels means that the number of all the possible combinations of gaze_cue, target_pos and target_letter is 8. Anyway, when you insert all your variables and the relative levels in the loop wizard, OpenSesame automatically creates for you all the various combinations (namely the cycle). Indeed, if you have a lot of variables and/or a lot of levels for each variable, it is hard to manually set the cycle. For example, an experiment with 3 variables with 4x4x3 levels has 48 total levels!

    Hope this helps.



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    Ok, I get it. Thank you for the tip of the loop wizard. I was able to follow all the steps and was able to create the exp. Before I do a real exp and for fun I am wanting to set the triggers and connect to serial port with my EEG set up and evaluate evoked potentials of correct trials. I have download the required software. If someone could help me with the steps or even a link so I can walk through the steps I would be very grateful.

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