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Random control


I'm a new user of Opensesame and thank you all for the forum where I found lots of good advices !

However, I have a problem with random presentation of stimuli. For one of my experiments, I have 60 items (words). Half of them are presented 1 time and the others 5 times. So, the participant sees 180 words and a random presentation is necessary. My problem is that sometimes, the same word is presented twice consecutively.

Does it exist an option (or a solution with an inline script) to specify that the presented item must not be the same as the previous one ?

Thanks in advance,



  • Hi Emilie,

    Have a look at the advances loop options:

    Hope this helps,


  • Thank you Eduard ! I add the constrain minist and it seems like it works very well.
    But I have another question : when I add weight w in the script, words which have a weight = 5 are presented consecutively even if I add the constrain mindist. So, I must write all my 180 items in the table (in the loop).
    Am I doing something wrong ?


  • Hi Emilie,

    Honestly, I don't really know. I vaguely remember to have a read a similar discussion here on the forum a few months ago, but I can't happen to find it. Maybe you can give it a try? You can also try to play around with the order of restrictions (don't think this will do anything). But yes, typing all 180 in the loop table would work as a last possible solution.

    Sorry for that lousy bit of help.


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