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collecting multiple keyboard RTs

Hi all,
I'm new to OpenSesame but have had some success with simple experiments (flanker tasks, priming tasks). Now I am trying to do something more advanced and I am running into difficulties. I want to run a dichotic listening experiment where participants are also instructed to push the spacebar when they here a certain word. Since there are multiple "target" words on a given trial and I want to collect the time of all of these, I planned to use an inline script which would save each keyboard response RT to an array. Then, I figured I could use a coroutine to play the sound file and run the keyboard response script. However, when I try to add the inline script I receive the following error message "new_inline_script" does not support coroutines. When I searched for this error message I only got a single site which fails to open

If anyone has any insight into what I am doing wrong I would be very appreciative if they shared it. Suggestions for getting this experiment to work would also be welcome.



  • Hi Tim,

    Did you have a look at this page? it describes how to write a co-routine with inline_scripts (it behaves a little different than other items).

    By the way, there is also the responses object. It has the history of all keyboard presses in it. See here. So, if your trials are separated by a spacebar or some other unique key, you can select the responses for a given trial and do whatever you want with them.

    Hope this helps.


  • Thanks so much for the help Eduard. I will look into these resources. I ended up figuring a work around that seems to get us most of what we want. I hope in time I will learn enough python to build more elegant OpenSesame scripts.

  • Hi @TimSlattery7 , I have a similar experiment

    Wonder if you can share with me your python script to see how I can incorporate into my experiment. Will deeply appreciate it!

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