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Sending EEG Triggers in Windows 10

Hi everyone!

I've been working on an experiment using open sesame that needs to be able to send triggers to some EEG recording software on a seperate PC (running windows XP). I had this working on our old lab PC (windows 7) without any issues, using the dlportio.dll file and python inline scripting. However, we have just switched the lab PC to windows 10, and now this doesn't work anymore. I have reinstalled the dlportio.dll file and open sesame seems to recognise this, as it does not throw any exceptions when initiating. It also does not notify me that it failed to send any triggers. I have read that this would normally mean that the IO port address is incorrect, however I have run through all the port addresses my computer lists for the IO connection, but nothing seems to work. Has anyone else had this problem and happens to know a fix?

For reference, the IO port range for my connection is DFF4-DFFFF and the python code I am using is this:

To initiate the trigger sending:

    from ctypes import windll
    global io
    io = windll.dlportio 

    print 'The parallell port couldn\'t be opened' 


and to send the trigger (there is another similar one to reset the trigger):

resp = exp.get('response_resp_p')
if resp == ('space'):

global io
trigqu = self.get("trig")
port = 0x378
    io.DlPortWritePortUchar(port, trigqu)
    print 'Failed to send trigger!'


Thanks for your help,



  • I also got the same problem, but I am using windows 7. Also try to use trigger, using the dlportio.dll file and python inline scripting but no response

  • You can download a newer driver from here:

    And then initialize it through:

    io = windll.LoadLibrary( 'inpout32.dll')

    (don't forget to add the correct path to 'inpout32.dll')

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm having the same problem mentioned by @martinholding here: we switched the lab PC to windows 10, and now I can't send triggers via the parallel port anymore.

    I followed the instructions that I found in this documentation to install DLPortIO, even if they refer to Windows 7:
    In particular, when I installed the program "Digital Signature Enforcement Overrider" (DSEO) following the instructions and enabling the test mode, I restaed the PC and noticed that the voice "Windows test mode built #number#" didn't appear on my desktop. Plus, when I run my script to send triggers via the parallel port, it seems that the trigger is sent, but nothig actually happens.

    Can anyone help mewith this iussue? Is it possible that I need to install a more recent version of DLPortIO or of the program DSEO?


  • I managed to get it to work on Windows 10 by following these instructions:

    • Downloading the Binaries only from
    • Unpacking the Win32 folder (drag it in some temp folder for example).
    • Run InstallDriver.exe as an administrator.
    • Copy the file inpout32.dll from Win32 folder to the folder which contains opensesame.exe

    So without renaming the inpout32.dll file, and without copying it to the system folders.

    This also means that you should refer to inpout32 in your code instead of dlportio.

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