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Can we use opensesame to sync EEG (e.g., biosemi) and eyetracker (gazepoint)

Dear all,

I'd like to combine EEG and eyetracking in cognitive neuroscience research, but due to the limited budget, I cannot only afford a low cost eyetracker. I am thinking to get the Gazepoint GP3 (150 Hz sampling rate).

If so, I am wondering whether we can use Opensesame (e.g, through pygaze) to sync the two devices (i.e., biosemi eeg and Gazepoint tracker) in experiments. Does anyone have experiences in setting up this kind of experiment?

Your input will be very much appreciated!

Thank you very much!


  • Hi Zliu,

    Those are the eyetrackers that are currently supported. So, Gazepoint GP3 might not work.

    In general, synching Eyetracker, Opensesame and EEG is no problem. YOu should check out this toolbox and recommendations of how to setup your experiment to make it work efficiently. Even if you don't use it, they will probably give you info on what to keep in mind when setting up your experiment. In general, you just have to make sure that you send common triggers to both systems and have (regular) common reference points, to validate the synchronization.

    hope this helps.


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  • Hi Eduard,
    Thank you very much for your help,

  • I am also using EEG and eye tracking for my experiment but I used Eyetribe.

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