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[open] Help! How to program a priming experiment

edited April 2013 in OpenSesame

Hello, OpenSesame users. I've just downloaded the program and I would like to know if someone knows a tutorial to create a priming experiment using OpenSesame. I have no idea how to build one. Thanks, Emme


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    Hi Emme,

    There is a detailed tutorial available here:

    It should provide you with the basic knowledge necessary to build a simple priming experiment in OpenSesame.


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    I followed the tutorial, but I still have problems. In my experiment I have to show videos. The experiment starts, but after the instructions and the fixation point, the script crashes when it has to load the first video. The program reported a runtime error.

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    The program reported a runtime error.

    An obvious piece of information is missing here! Which error?

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