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Tobii 4C for Simple Research

I very new in eyetracking and just had Tobii 4C. According to many literature (PyGaze forum), yes its support for simple research which is need requirement id license from Tobii Pro. I have already inform Tobii and got email back that I should upgrade for $6,400 otherwise I need to use the other device.
Yes I'm in line with the solution, however I'm dying to know how to use 4C like the old model EyeX to do some research. As you may know, I have tried to use it with PyGaze and still have bunch of error. Also I have installed TobiproSDK in Python, but none of it works.
Very appreciated about the suggestion, and the rest of it I will done by myself.

Billion Thanks.


  • Hi Tanto,

    That's a very good question, and I'm afraid I can't quite answer it, as I don't have access to a 4C. Tobii would be in a much better position to answer your questions, as they actively develop PyGaze support for their Tobii Pro SDK.

    PS. As for the license fees: I'm afraid that's Tobii's business model, and you might just have to abide with that. (The EyeX/4C seem to have been designed for direct interaction rather than data collection, and the additional licensing is for the additional functionality of data storage, I think.)


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