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Keypress and mouselick for sketchpad


So for now in order to present different various instructions to participants I did it this way:

  • Sketchpad Instruction1 (duration set to 0);
  • mouse_response;
    • Sketchpad Instruction2 (duration set to 0);
  • mouse_response...

However I noticed I could make something shorter by using keypress or mouseclick as durations (thereby removing the intermediate mouse_response steps).
This is working for keypress, but the issue is that when I try to use mouseclick I guess there is no flush after the first instruction sketchpad.

I know that is an issue that can be resolved the way I did it at the beginning but would there be a way to avoid these intermediate mouse input steps?

Thank you.


  • edited April 2018

    Hi Silvain,

    Which version of Opensesame do you use? What you describe is known to have been a bug, but should have been fixed since 3.2.2 (see here under bug fixes). Maybe an update will solve your issue?


  • Hello eduard,

    I am running the version 3.2.4.
    I just noticed that it depends on the back-end I am using.
    Apparently with xpyriment it works fine but the issue appears with psychpy.

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