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Setting Correct answer with mouse response

Hi! I'm new on OpenSesame and I'm trying to set correct answers. My experiment is to recognize visual stimuli. I'm choosing the mouse response, and I need to set the correct answers for each option. The stimuli are: a) mokey, b) human, c) broom, d) alien and e) a brush (item of confusion), and the stimuli will be: a monkey, a human, a broom and an alien. The ideia is: when the monkey is presented, the option "a) monkey" is considered correct and the others errors, and so on. The only option that would always be "e) brush" option. There is an option to do that using the mouse response or just using the keyboard?

Thank you!


  • Hi,

    You can do this by giving names to the sketchpad elements and then checking the cursor_roi variable to see which element was clicked (and whether this was correct). This video shows how this works:


  • Thanks for your help, Sebastiaan! Actually, I had to change how to collect the answers, but this video helped a lot!

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