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Tobii Pro SDK and OpenSesame

Hi all,
I am trying to link OpenSesame and a Tobii X20-30 eye tracker using the Tobii Pro SDK. I updated the Pygaze files as suggested here:
I installed the Tobii Pro SDK using 'pip install tobii-research', and tobii-research is listed when I check this using 'pip list'
Nevertheless I get an error when running pygaze_init:

  • item-stack: experiment[run].new_pygaze_init[run]
  • exception type: AttributeError
  • exception message: 'module' object has no attribute 'find_all_eyetrackers'

I guess the find_all_eyetrackers is an Tobii Pro SDK script, and the SDK may not be installed properly after all? Any suggestions of what could be wrong are highly appreciated!

Does anyone have suggestions or tips on how to use a Tobii eye tracker with OpenSesame/Pygaze?


  • edited April 2018

    It seems I was missing a tobii_research script in the OpenSesame directories (error with copying..?). It is now running fine!

  • Do you remember which directories in OpenSesame were missing this? I am getting the same error, and installed via pip as well.

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