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Mousetrap Problems


We are having problems with the mousetrap plugin on Openseseme. For some blocks it is working, and other blocks it is not, but the code is still the same. So, on the blocks where it doesn't work, in the response output the co-ordinates are just not being recorded. Instead, the start co-ordinates are the only ones appearing in the document, instead of those clicked during the experiment.

Here is a picture of the code that doesn't work (but does for others):

Also, is there any way that Mousetrap can just record the end co-ordinate, rather than the whole tracking sequence?



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    that sounds weird indeed. Maybe just a remark from what I inferred from the screenshots you provided: you have set the logging resolution to an extremely small value (2 ms). I think this is unlikely to cause the problem but I would still suggest to increase it to a value around 10 ms.

    Besides, what exactly happens in the blocks where you say that the coordinates are not logged? Is the experiment still working as intended, i.e., the screen is displayed until a button is clicked and only the coordinates are missing in the data? And, if so, how did you check the data? (opening the raw data file in Excel, reading it into R etc.?)

    It is possible to extract the last recorded coordinate from the data by inserting Python code after the mousetrap item and including the following code in the run phase:

    var.last_xpos = var.xpos_passiveMouse_11[-1]
    var.last_ypos = var.ypos_passiveMouse_11[-1]



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