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Integrating Psychopy generated stim in open sesame

Hey all,

I am trying to use psychopy within open sesame in order to present rotated letters. What I did for now is just importing psychopy and generating stim:

from psychopy import visual, core

mywin = visual.Window([var.width,var.height])

text_presented = visual.TextStim(win=mywin, text=var.Letter, ori = 90)


The issue I am running is as follow:

  • if I run the script in windowed mode then the stim appears in a different windows than the one of open sesame (the windows appear on top of the one of open sesame);
  • if I run the script full screen then nothing appears on the screen.

This part of the script (rotated letter presentation) is part of a bigger procedure.

1) Would there be a way of integrating the stim generated by psychopy in open sesame windows;
2) I was thinking about another strategy. At the very beginning of my script I could write a loop generating all my rotated letter with Psychopy, then taking like a screen capture of it, and finally using these images for presenting them in open sesame. Would this be doable?





  • OK so I answer to myself it could be useful for someone with the same question.
    Finally I ended up using the second strategy:

    • I first create my stims with psychopy and makes capture using getMovieFrame and saveMovieFrames. It creates the stims and save them;

    • then I populate a loop with these stims just created (with datamatrix);

    • then I present them and it works.

    Also here is the script.



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