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How to log mouse responses during pygaze recording?

Hi all,

I just started using Open Sesame (thanks Sebastiaan and team!) after doing the visual world tutorial online. Unfortunately, I ran into a problem when trying to adapt the tutorial to my own experiment.

The structure of my trial is: participants are presented with 4 objects jointly with a spoken instruction (e.g., "Click on the apple"), while their eye-movements are recorded. I need the trial to end when participants click on one of the 4 objects.

I have added a mouse_response item after the visual_display and the spoken instruction. However, I can't set 'mouseclick' as the argument of Duration in the trial_coroutines item: OS yields an error saying that 'end' needs to be non-negative and larger than 'start' (this is why Duration is set to 7000 in the screenshot below). And when I run my experiment, clicking doesn't do anything and the spatial coordinates of the click are not logged. I would really like to log on which of the 4 objects participants clicked, as well as the timestamp of the click: is this possible to do in OS?

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

Thanks a bunch!


  • It should be fine to set the duration to 7000. You can allow "trial_coroutines" to end earlier than that by setting "End after item (optional)" to mouse_response. The CSV file from the experiment should have the columns cursor_x, cursor_y, and cursor_roi.

    Now if anybody could tell me how to get the cursor from vanishing the instant that mouse_response starts, you'd make my day!

  • Hi Kevin,

    Thanks! Not sure if it answers your question, but I think that the problem might be that when running the eye-tracking experiment in the advanced dummy mode, the mouse is already set to be the "eye" simulator. So simultaneously having a mouse response and a mouse-eye might be causing the vanishing. At least, I can tell you that if I remove the eye-tracking components, the mouse reappears.

  • Oops, nevermind. Sorry Kevin! Running the advanced dummy mode was not the culprit, so I don't know what the cause it. My mouse doesn't dissapear, but it does flicker.

  • Hi,

    If you use an inline_script rather than a mouse_response you should be able to avoid the flickering.

    Replace it with following lines:

    my_mouse = Mouse(timeout=20)
    button, position, timestamp = my_mouse.get_click()

    Does it work?


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