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Trigger to Emotiv Pro and Open Sesame

I am using Emotiv Epoc+ EEG Headset and Emotiv Pro software to collect data while people view visual stimuli. I have made a visual stimuli slideshow with Open Sesame. Both the software runs in a laptop with an additional monitor connected with HDMI cable to show stimuli.

I need some help to send a trigger to EEG data when my experiment begins. I have found similar discussions, but they are talking about sending triggers over serial ports which is not exactly my case (if I am not mistaken). Hope someone can help with this.



  • Well, I have find a solution to my problem from bits and pieces of information from different sources including this forum. Thanks to the members who shared ideas and solutions in similar discussions.

  • Hi Golam,

    Good to hear that you figured it out. Perhaps you can share your solution for other members using (or planning to) the Emotiv headset?


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    Hi Golam and Sebastian,

    I have the same problems. But, I would like to run the openSesame and EmotivPro (Emotiv EPOC+) in the same laptop. In other words, I am showing stimulus and EEG recording system in the same laptop, could anyone helps me in this matter, how to send the triggers please ?

    I really need your help for our experiment.


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    I had used virtual serial ports app and created two virtual ports (COM1 and COM2) and paired them.

    Then added EMOTIV Pro to COM 2. This can be done by opening marker in EMOTIV Pro recording and selecting the port name and placing some details. Once you successfully create the ports to your laptop, Emotive can show them.

    Then I placed in-line scripts in my Open Sesame file before the stimuli. One script opens the port (COM 1) at the beginning, and another send markers to that port before each stimuli. At end, another script closes the port. I placed one script before each stimuli to send markers. I used sample in-line scripts from this forum.

    One thing to remember is that once you run OpenSesame experiment, you loss control of your keyboard or mouse (or was my case). So, you have to run Emotiv PRO first and start recording. Then you open Opensesame experiment. I have not used only one screen, but this should be okay if you try like this.

    At end of the OS session, you have access to your keyboard/ mouse and you can stop recording. Save the file and play the recorded session. You should be able to see pink colored markers in the data stream. Exported data to CSV is supposed to show markers, but I am yet to be there.

    If you can not locate the scripts, I shall try to find them later (I do not have access to my lab PC at the moment).

    I am sorry for the delay, not on top of my emails. Hope others get some help if you already figured out.

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  • Hi Golam,

    Thank you for your insight.

    I'm indeed in a similar experimental set-up and willing to connect an OpenSesame script with my EMOTIV PRO. I have so far created the COM 1 and connected COM2 to EMOTIV but I need to know more about the commands of the in-line script you've generated to open port (COM1).

    Many thanks in advance,


  • Dear Golam,

    how to create virtual ports as you mentioned ?
    also, I would really appreciate if you could share with me the script since at that time you cannot locate it.


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