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bug in OpenSesame forum

Dear OS team,

i get a bug when i want to answer in the OS forum.
When i try to post or preview the answer it opens automatically another window. See screenshot.



  • edited May 2018

    posting a new post was possible :)

    And even in a new post, it is possible. [seems like it is the color size of text post, that does not like me anymore. I just wanted to post, how i solved it.]

  • The problem seems to come up with copy/paste or something within the text.
    Not sure what it is. Here's the text.

  • edited May 2018

    Hi Stephan,

    The problem is the line clock.sleep, followed by (). Unfortunately, we don't know why this happens. For now you can avoid it by being a little obscure.

    enter = keyboard(keylist = ['RETURN'])
    var.Resp_Perc_F= 20
    var.Resp_MT = 5000
    FB = Canvas()
    FB.text('falsche Tastendrücke:  ' , font_size=24, x=-150, y= -50)
    FB.text( str(var.Resp_Perc_F)  + ' %', font_size=24, x=70, y= -50)
    FB.text('Zeit:   ', font_size=24, x=-50, y=  50)
    FB.text(format(var.Resp_MT/float(1000),'.2f') + ' sec' , font_size=24, x=70, y=  50)
    if var.Resp_Perc_F > 0 :
        FB.text('   ?', font_size=90, x=150, y= -70, color="red")
    if var.Resp_Perc_F == 0 :
        FB.text('   ?', font_size=90, x=150, y= -70, color="green")
    clock.sleep #()
    FB.text('weiter mit Entertaste' , font_size=18, x=250, y= 150)
    key, time = enter.get_key()
    Thanked by 1DahmSF
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