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Variables defined in an inline script missing

edited June 2018 in OpenSesame

i am defining a list in an inline script with the following code:

This list fills well enough when I test this code in python.
(Kubismus, Alt and Neu are defined in an earlier script. Each is an array with numbers 1 to 24)
I then try to tell a following Loop that it should go through this list. However I found no way to have the loop call the entries in the list. It claims, exp_list would not exist.
A sketchpad directly after the script is also unable to print out the list and a look in the variable finder during the experiment seems to suggest, that the variable is never actually defined. The lists Kubismus, Alt and Neu also never appear in the variable finder.

I am probably missing something very obvious.
Thank you guys in advance for the help
Best wishes,


  • Hello,

    Usually I populate the loop by relying on DataMatrix (could send an example if you need it later) but first I would try what you are doing but adding var. to exp_list like using var.exp_list as the variable.



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