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child friandly calibration

I'm working on an experiment in Open Sesame 3.2 on Windows 10 with Tobii x-3 120.
I want to modify the eye tracker calibration part to be more child-friendly and to use a gif file as my calibration stimuli. The code below is an inline script located right after the pygaze_init item.
However, the calibration works normally: it show dots on screen and no sound is played at all, as if the modifications were not applied.

What should I do to make it work?


  • Hi Liat,

    That's a very clever way of doing it! I think what might be happening is that you only changed the drawing function after the item was already initiated and prepared. In what phase did you add your code? ("Prepare" or "Run"?)

    I also think you might want to change the eyetracker object that was created by the pygaze_init item, instead of the final line of your inline script example. Like so:

    eyetracker.draw_calibration_target = child_friendly_target

    If you're using an EyeLink tracker, you can also do the following instead:


    Another alternative way of doing this, is by changing the source code for the calibration process. (By going into the PyGaze Python code and adding the definition for child_friendly_target to the class that you're trying to use, for example by simply overwriting the draw_calibration_target function.)

    Hope this helps!


  • Hi Liat,
    Hi Edwin,
    I'm struggling with the same issue. I tryed to overwrite the by specifying i.e., different diameter and color of default the calibration dots but nothing changed. Did you find a solution instead?
    Thanks in advance,

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