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Descriptive plots y~x vs x~y

Can this be solved: the correlation Brain size ~ Bodyweight does not show up nicely, whereas Bodyweight ~ Brain size does.

Can't show this to my students...
Peter K.


  • Hi Peter,

    This is really something in between a feature request and a bug report (for which we hope you will use our GitHub page, see What is probably going on is that the default axes limits are set differently depending on what is the y-variable and what is the x-variable. The dimensionality of the line through the points is determined by some rough model-selection metric (AIC, I thought). If you want to impose linearity then I recommend using the scatterplots under "Correlation" instead. In the future we hope to make our plots interactive, so you would be able to change the axis limits by hand (this awaits further development).


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