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Set text positions in from_multiple_choice

Dear folks,

I would like to set the heading in top of the response items.
I was not able to leave the title blank. So i put the "Question" in the title and left the "Question" blank.
However, the title seems to be set middle aligned, whereas the responses are left aligned. This looks weird.
Here is my code for educational levels

set timeout infinite
set spacing 10
set rows "1;1;1;1;1;1"
set question ""
Sekundärabschluss (mittlere Reife)
Sekundärabschluss (Lehre)
Sekundärabschluss (Mature/Abitur)
Tertiärabschluss (Akademie/Kolleg)
Tertiärabschluss (Universität/Hochschule)
set margins "50;50;250;450"
set form_var response
set form_title "Hoechster Bildungsabschluss"
set description "A simple multiple choice item"
set cols "1;1;1"
set button_text Ok
set allow_multiple no
set advance_immediately yes
set _theme gray


  • Yes, I see that this is a little awkward. Can you maybe remove the title field altogether? I think if you create your plugin from scratch, using a base_form, you should be able to copy the parts of the code that you need from one of the existing forms.


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