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Posterior mean same as unstandardized B

Hi JASP team,
I'm a bit new with Bayesian statistics. But I was wondering why my posterior mean for a predictor variable (in the Bayesian linear regression) has the same value as the unstandardized beta (in the frequentist linear regression) for that same predictor?
My second question is about the plot of the posterior distribution. A small horizontal line with a value on the left and on the right of that line is presented above the posterior distribution (so not the grey line). I was wondering what these two values from that line represent. They are not similar to the credible intervals. My guess is that these values represent the 2 standard deviations above and below the posterior mean of that variable. Is that correct or do they represent something different?
Hope you can give me an answer to these questions.
If you would like that I add the relevant output, let me know!


  • I've forwarded your question to Don (who implemented this analysis).

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