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Simple contrasts in RM ANOVA

I do have JASP-question that I hope someone can help me with.
I have performed a 255*2 repeated measures ANOVA in JASP, where one of the factors have five levels (-80ms, -40ms, 0ms, +40ms, +80ms). I do have an a priori hypothesis about the pattern of the results, and want to compare each level with each other, running a ’simple contrast’ analysis (the The Bonferroni correction in the post hoc comparison seems too conservative). In this analysis, JASP is only comparing the first level (i.e., the -80ms condition) to the rest of the levels, but I want every level to be compared with each other. Do anyone have a clue how to do this for all levels in one factor, when there are more factors involved?


  • ...alternatively: is is possible to do a post hoc comparison without the correction for multiple comparison?

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